HTTPS Support

less than 1 minute read

I just added HTTPS support to this site 😄

I was reading a blog post by Jesse Squires where he describes doing this for his own personal site in detail by migrating over to, and how it’s been very successful for him. Since HTTPS support was something I’ve been very eager to do, this post gave me the push to actually get it done. I followed all the steps he laid out almost exactly except for the bash-specific parts. Since I like the fish shell a lot, I tweaked the git hook script a bit to work with that, and used the fish way to set persistent universal environment variables instead of editing some .bash-profile file.

After a couple small technical hiccups, is being served from nearly free speech’s servers without issue, and you are auto-directed to the https version if you try to visit the normal http url, which should ensure you’re more secure as you read this site. Enjoy!